Secrets of instant likes for instagram

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Take amazing pictures

This is the most important in the long term. Interesting and original photographers quickly notice. Therefore, one of the existing ways to become more popular is to look at the world differently and share it with others. All people like good and sincere pictures. Therefore, try to improve your skills with each passing day. For starters, you can learn as much as possible the work of famous photographers. Learn from the masters, most likely you will think up these conclusions yourself, but spend too much time on this. Analyze the composition, the light and color component of their frames. Look at their findings, and then practice. As much as possible shoot, process and experiment – this is the main key to success.

I want to note, however, that the public of the instagram is quite specific. Here they love bright and juicy photos. Welcome poisonous HDR-manifestations, twisted for maximum saturation and experiments with filters of various third-party programs. Dwell on this I would not advise, look for true beauty in simple things, amazing subjects and unusual perspectives. Remember, beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Cultivate this subtle sense within yourself.

Shoot more often

Instagram in spirit is similar to twitter. Here also those who post regularly and qualitatively are loved. As I wrote above, deal with the quality of your photos and publish them more often. But do not be too zealous with the frequency of posts. 1-2 photos a day – this is quite enough. Hammering your friends’ tape with hundreds of your new photos is not the best solution. Therefore, to lay out a series of a dozen of the same pictures one by one will be a bad idea. Choose one picture, the one that you like most, and place your bet on it. Otherwise, you will make the wrong impression on your followers, in the worst case you will have a massive unfollow.

Be ready

Nobody knows what will happen next minute of your life. But if you are ready to take a good picture at any time, the chances of getting good photos will increase significantly. Keep your phone ready, and try not to miss the interesting moments. Even the usual road to work can be surprising if you look around carefully and be ready to take a picture.

Describe your photos in detail

Your photos will receive more attention from other users, if you are not too lazy and come up with a suitable name for them. Try to briefly tell your followers something interesting, about that place was taken this or that photo. About those circumstances that affected a particular picture, about their emotions. But do not overdo it! Try to express your thoughts as briefly as possible.

Use geo-tags, tell others where it was filmed. In the latest version of the instagram, the system of geo-tags was modified, photo-maps were introduced. Now you can look at photos by choosing a specific place. If you use Foursquare, tie your account to a new profile in the instagram.

Take Action!

Between doing or not doing – choose an action! More often, the results are not at all the most talented, not the most capable and not the smartest. The winner is the one who stubbornly, with small steps, moves forward, scrupulously and regularly fulfilling the planned and inexorable approach to his goal. Instagram is a fun game similar to RPG, only a lot of actions have to be performed not in virtual, but in the real world. Make good and beautiful photos you still have. Here, and pump your account as a gamer picks up his character in the game. Good luck!