How to get instagram likes online?

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Good content is crucial to contributing to the effectiveness of social media marketing. So here are some important tips that can help guide your brand. Check below our compilation on how to create content for Instagram:

Content is everything

Since the diffusion of Inbound Marketing, content has become the center of action in digital marketing. With a differentiated proposal of traditional marketing, Inbound puts companies as specialists who share their knowledge. That way, you do not have to reach the public in an invasive way.

But since we do not invade the space of the prospect, how does he come to us? The main idea is to create quality content, 100% appropriate to what your audience consumes over the Internet.

This presence does not boil down to direct ads with purchase buttons or direct contact with sales staff. It is an educational content that will, in fact, help the person to solve a certain pain.

It is important to accept in advance that content marketing has come with everything and has taken care of successful strategies. And the same logic also applied to social networks. That’s why it’s important to know how to create content for Instagram to achieve the best results.

Assuming the importance of your content, let’s start our little creation guide by the strategic part:

Success strategy

We started talking about how to create content for Instagram with a clear concern: your audience. It is very important to define this persona, to which all your speech will be directed. So it is possible to start the strategy of success.

Whatever the particular habits of your persona, there are some basic assumptions that will help us to come up with an ideal strategy. People are connected to Instagram to see life stories that they identify with. Whether it’s those who consume products, who want to learn how to make-up, see art, or consume humor, everyone likes to see the other. The word following applies literally to the almost voyeuristic act of watching the stories that pass through the timeline.

So use your profile to tell engaging stories that motivate and generate emotions. Know that Instagram should not be just like a showcase in order to display your product or service. It should work as a support for dreams and ideals, carrying the concepts that exist in the construction of your brand.

So far we have already shown the importance of defining a persona, producing it in a human way and telling a story. With these well-crafted precepts it’s time to create a character and be true to your approach. So we close the items needed for your success strategy. But there are still a few tips to make your production even easier. Check out:

Relevant content

Your content should float on different topics. And it is good that it is so to vary subjects and not be repetitive. However, what can not change from one post to another is relevance.

This relevance can be achieved in different ways. When asking yourself how to create content for Instagram, first choose your goal from some of these examples: educational, counselor, inspirational, critical, and humorous. Then research the best content possible on each of the editorial lines and produce.

It is now possible to think of structure. Of face it will be necessary to define if the post will be a photo, a video, an infographic or gif. Let’s address below how this aesthetic aspect is important. But do not forget also the subtitles. They will help in the relevance of your post. Therefore, avoid texturing and beware of Portuguese slips. Also, use hashtags to increase the reach of your posts. Search for the most used hashtags and toptrends.

The image in the center

An image is worth more than a thousand words and Instagram is a social network focused on the visual aspect. So to learn how to create content for Instagram it is essential that you invest in the aesthetic aspect of your post. For this, the work of a designer becomes essential. Imagine your page on Instagram as the reception of your company.

The image will always be the first impression of a possible follower in front of your profile. Evaluate how the competitors and especially the companies that have as an example of good content create their posts. It is permissible to take inspiration from them and do something along the same lines, following the trend, as long as you take care not to copy literally.

Recurring themes

When talking about competition it is impossible not to think about the need to not get lost in the face of constant changes in trends in digital marketing. However, some themes have a certain recurrence and are independent of fads to generate good subjects. We list below some more small tips that will help you in finding how to create content for Instagram.

Accompanying the seasons – it is always good to associate your post with the seasons, this helps in color tones, weather-related topics and the commemorative dates of each season.

Showing the backstage – Stories proved to be a great way for people and businesses to showcase the backstage of their day-to-day lives. But they are worth also posts showing the backstage and presenting the team, for example.

Remembering achievements – This is a special tip for your Thursdays posts. #Tbt is a huge success and has become world famous. The free translation for the American hashtag is “bringing back the fifth” (throwback thursday). It’s cool to get into this wave and use the day to tell things from the past, celebrate achievements or make up a relevant repost.

We are talking about a fluid universe and anytime new tips on how to create content for Instagram can arise. So follow our blog and stay tuned to have a profile filled with content success! Meet the 5 best apps to edit photos on Instagram.