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7 ways to get a lot of likes in Instagram

Let’s move on to the most interesting – a survey of the most reliable ways to get the likes of Instagram and gaining popularity.

Method number 1. Choose a specific topic for your account.

Many subscribers of Instagram create their account in order to publish photos of everything that surrounds them. But if you want to become popular and get a lot of likes, this, alas, is not enough.

As statistics show, pages that have a certain theme become much more successful. Such accounts collect a lot of like-minded people, which gives them the opportunity to get a lot of likes.

Thematic line of your page can be completely diverse.

You can devote an account to any of these topics that will help get a lot of likes in Instagram:

Beauty and health – facial and body skin care, beauty novelties, sports, new methods of losing weight, make-up.

Fashion and style – new trends of the fashion world, famous couturiers, stylish clothes.

Travel – interesting facts from different parts of the world, your travel experience.

Cooking – original and classic recipes, proper nutrition, vegetarianism, veganism, children’s cuisine.

Home pets – care for pets, funny stories from the life of pets.

Interior and design – new ideas in the design of the house, various styles in the design of premises, novelties of furniture and decor.

Everyday life – different ideas for leisure, organization of working time, style for every day.

The list of topics can, in fact, continue indefinitely. Surely, you have some hobby or hobby that would be worth sharing with others. And perhaps you want to create your own personal diary in Instagram, where you will post every day interesting photos of your goal or tell about your dreams.

Whatever option you choose for yourself, most likely, you will have subscribers who are like-minded who will help make the page in Instagram popular and get a lot of likes.

Method number 2. Watch the mode of your publications.

Of course this does not mean that you need to set the alarm every day at the same time to publish a fresh photo. But it will be better if you post videos and photos at regular intervals. This is especially important if you already have at least a few subscribers.

You do not need to disappear and do not share fresh photos with your fans for a long time, since there is a great risk of losing your audience. It will be better if you consistently post new publications in the Instagram every day or every other day.

This will help to further increase interest in your person and attract even more of your supporters.

Here are some tips about the mode of your publications:

Publish the material often, but not hourly, otherwise you can quickly get bored with your subscribers.

Think about what pictures and in what order you will upload. If at times you do not have enough time to share the photo, download the free application – SMMplanner. It will allow you to prepare posts in advance and publish them at a particular moment.

Try to publish photos and videos during the day, not late at night. The greatest peak of activity of subscribers Instagram is at evening time, somewhere from 18.00 to 22.00.

Publish photos at the right time will help get a lot of likes and many more subscribers.

Method number 3. Make out your pictures correctly.

If you want your photos in Instagram to be popular and gain a lot of likes, never be lazy to take high-quality pictures and arrange them with various filters.

As a rule, most photo editing applications are free and you can easily work with them.

The most popular applications for the design of photos in Instagram:

  • Snapseed – free and very large application for editing pictures. Here there are various filters and settings for photo correction, turns and many other possibilities.
  • MOLDIV is another great free application for editing materials for the Instagram network. It is noteworthy that it suits both beginners and professional photographers.
  • Prisma – one of the most popular today for photo editing applications. Its essence is to use various photo effects in order to give the pictures brightness and uniqueness.
  • Perfect365 – a universal program for retouching pictures. Also with his help you can “apply makeup”. It is rumored that this application is used even by Hollywood stars.
  • Vinci – one of the recently submitted to the public applications for processing photographs, which has in its arsenal of many art effects. They will help to transform the picture and make it original.

Another effective way to attract the attention of subscribers to your photos and get more hounds in Instagram is to create collages.

In order to do them, it is enough to download any suitable free application (for example, “Photo Collage Workshop”), select the necessary layout, background and stickers.

Method number 4. Share the most interesting photos.

The essence of Instagram is the exchange of photos, and therefore the popularity of the page directly depends on the quality of the published photographs. So, if you have a question how to get a lot of likes in Instagram, the answer is obvious – to keep track of how interesting your photos are.

So what should be the photos in order to favorably differ from others and collect as many likes as possible?

These are the basic tips for sharing quality content and gaining more of the likes.

Method number 5. Use the hashtag.

Another sure way to promote your Instagram page is to use hashtags.

Heshtag is a tool for promoting on the Internet, which is a label that allows you to distribute messages on topics in blogs and social networks.

To make a hashtag, you need to write the keywords of your post in the description of the photo in the Instagram, adding the symbol “#” in front (example – above in the picture).

Hashtags will help users find the topic of interest and subscribe to interesting followers.

Hashtags you can write:

  • with a capital or small letter;
  • with symbols and numbers;
  • in English or in other language;
  • without spaces between several words.

In order for the hashtags in Instagram to help you get a lot of likes, you should:

Use hashtags with different keywords – this can be the place where the photo, city, country, photo features were made.
Put in the description of one photo a lot of different hashtag – so more subscribers have a chance to see your photo.

Use popular hashtags – from time to time lists of the most popular hashtags are created Another nuance that should be considered: do not put under your publications too many popular hashtag. So your photo runs the risk of being lost among thousands of the same ones, and the likes will not increase.

Method number 6. Become an active user.

In order to increase the number of your subscribers (and with them the number of your likes), you must be an active participant in this social network.

If you actively comment on the publications of other users of the Instagram and put the likes, most likely, other participants will answer you the same. This is the easiest way to get a husky.

Also do not forget to repost your photos in other social networks, for example, Vkontakte or Facebook. This will increase the reach of the audience.

Method number 7. Use a special application for a set of likes.

Given the popularity of Instagram and the need to score as many likes as possible, it’s no surprise that there are applications that allow you to get the likes, performing specific tasks. You can download them on your phone absolutely for free.

The most popular applications for Instagram, in which you can get a lot of likes, are:

  • Get Likes on Instagram – the essence of the application is that “wanting” the right subscribers, you earn coins, which then can pay for the purchase of likes for your publications.
  • Like4Like – the principle of getting likes is the same as the previous program. For each kid you get 2 coins.
  • Get Likes & followers is a free application where, with the help of completed tasks, you have a chance to increase your popularity in Instagram.
  • MoreLikes is another free application that will help you get more hounds.
  • PopU 2 – in this application you can perform tasks to get the likes, or you can buy yourself some number of likes for real money.